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16 February


Do you agree that you should better prevent any damage, than deal with the possible consequences after? This statement applies to everything in our life: from installing a window screen in summer and to purchasing a car security system. Moreover the hijackings case solving in Ukraine is still at the level of 10%. It means that only one car out of ten stolen is returned to the rightful owner (it is not known in what condition). Therefore it is much more easy to purchase and install a reliable anti-theft security system than to buy a new car or to prove at court to insurance agent that your policy covers theft. Vodafone Automotive with Benish GPS, its national service provider has been supplying Ukrainian users with devices that prevents the penetration and theft of the vehicle - Vodafone Guardian for the second year.

Vodafone Guardian telematics device is a system that rapidly detects unauthorized access to the car and sends a signal to Benish GPS control center. Vodafone Guardian's operation is based on contactless driver's tag, which identifies the owner and indicates authorized access to the vehicle.

Right after installation and activation, the system is ready to work and fully protects the car against theft attempts. Its main function is to monitor all unauthorized actions and transfer information to round the clock control center provided by Benish GPS. Vodafone Guardian reacts to the car movement without a tag, vehicle perimeter intervention (doors, hood, trunk), attempts to disconnect any part of Vodafone Guardian, lowering the battery charge and battery level in the tag.

Additional features of the system provide an increased level of security not only for the car, but also for the owner. They include the engine's blocking by the dispatcher in case of an alarm, and the driver's connection with the control center by means of an alarm button installed in the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

The system determines all unauthorized actions and immediately transmits information to dispatchers. As Vodafone Guardian communication is provided by Vodafone mobile network operator, the system will operate outside Ukraine without additional spending for roaming.

In addition, it should be noted that there is a mobile app for Vodafone Guardian system - My Connected Car. After My Connected Car installation on your Android or iOS smartphone, the owner can not only view the car status, its location and the status of the systems, but also manage some of its auto features:

  • establish geozones;
  • contact customer support;
  • receive travel reports;
  • set a warning about exceeding the speed limit;
  • activate special modes of "Service" and "Transportation";
  • identify errors in the system.


My Connected Car application

Despite a slight improvement in the last two years, the situation with car theft in Ukraine remains wanting. But after installing Vodafone Guardian system, the can owner can safely leave his car even outside the guarded parking lot (which is also not always safe) and calmly do his business.


Vodafone Automotive is the world leader in development and implementation of integrated solutions in such areas as vehicle security, fleet dispatching and smart insurance. All provided services are based on GPS/GSM technologies in the OEM (factory installation), OES (post assembly) and Aftermarket (the market of spare parts and accessories for cars).


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