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16 February

The number of car thefts in Kiev has increased again

1Carjacking statistic sets new records in Kiev since the beginning of a current year. According to the latest Kiev Traffic Police data 138 hijackings happened during January. It should be mentioned that during the same period of 2014 40 were stolen vehicles in the capital.

Toyota, Lexus and BMW started to be the favorite brands for hijackers in January. These  cars have been stolen more often. The most dangerous for the cars safety is night.  90% of thefts were recorded at this time of day. The Benish GPS Dispatch Center also confirms that the largest number of high-severity alarms was processed at night-time, when the car owners can not properly respond to possible drawdown of regular alarms. Due to the Benish GPS Dispatch Center and effective cooperation with the Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal of Ukraine, all our client’s cars were saved regardless of the time of day.

BENISH GUARD satellite car system security is the most effective system for the protection of your car. For maximum protection of a car Benish GPS has created a Dispatch center that works around the clock without weekends and holidays in the 24/7 mode. Also it is worth noting that Benish GPS fully cooperates with the Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal of Ukraine. In case of a hijack attempt of a vehicle equipped with BENISH GUARD anti-theft system a patrol of Traffic Police is sent to the location of a car where coordinates all further activity on returning of the vehicle to its owner. Thus a vehicle equipped with a satellite security system BENISH GUARD is under continuous protection.

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