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14 December


The level of hijackings in Ukraine is at an extremely high level again. And the most stolen, according to the National Police report for 9 months of 2017, were Toyota cars - one of the most common brand of the largest taxi services. One of the most popular taxi services - the Uber company occupies a leading position due to the huge fleet of vehicles of recommended intermediary companies. Each partner strives to provide better conditions not only to passengers, but also to drivers.


Starting from the autumn of 2017, one of the Uber partners began cooperation with Benish GPS in the field of driver safety and car protection against theft. So at the first stage the anti-theft security system Benish GUARD was installed on several Toyota Corolla cars. The companies plan to expand the partnership and by the middle of 2018 to provide systems with all the cars of the partner's park.

The function of Benish Guard included reacting to unauthorized opening of doors, bonnet or trunk, fixing of impact, tilt and towing, as well as an attempt to disconnect the system from the power supply. All alarms are sent to the dispatch center of Benish GPS, which operators work around the clock without days off. In caseof emergency situations, the dispatcher will contact the driver and, if necessary, call the emergency response service to the scene. In the event of threats to the safety of the driver, he can give an alarm to the dispatcher using the alarm button.

The cooperation of the companies confirms that the protection of the car should be in the first place, and no matter what it is - corporate or own. A confident driver will be more concentrated on the road and will provide the best possible service for the passenger. It is safe to say that this partnership will bring not only a noticeable benefit to the intermediary company, but a range of additional competitive advantages to the Uber service.



Benish GPS – the leader in the field of satellite monitoring and security systems and is part of the international holding company Benish Group. The company has been operating on the Ukrainian market since 2003 and cooperates with the largest auto importers, dealers, insurance, pharmaceutical, leasing and FMCG companies. The basis of each project is a 24-hour dispatch center, which employees advise clients, organize maintenance and technical support and react instantly in case of fixing an attempt to steal a car.

Uber – an American international company from San Francisco that created the mobile application of the same name for searching, calling and paying for taxis or private drivers. Starting from June 30, 2016 in Ukraine, as in other CIS countries, Uber works not directly with drivers, but through intermediary companies.