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14 September


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Today in Ukraine, the services of corporate car leasing are becoming popular. Increasingly, the largest pharmaceutical, FMCG, manufacturing and agricultural companies choose leasing when it comes to upgrading the corporate fleet. Undoubtedly, companies are so much more profitable and convenient, because, firstly, there is no need to immediately incur large expenses for the purchase of cars, especially when there is more than one dozen. Secondly, it is a significant minimization of costs, both financial and administrative, for fleet management. And, of course, the leasing company takes all the risks and cares of car maintenance.

So, for several years now leading Ukrainian leasing companies have been cooperating with Benish GPS in the field of vehicle GPS monitoring. This allows the company-customer, receiving a batch of new cars, to fully use the GPS monitoring system, which in the end, provides an additional advantage for the customers - no need to purchase and install the system be themselves.

Benish MONITORING for leasing companies is presented in two versions: Benish Logistic and Eco Driving.

Benish Logistic is the basic monitoring system. The main functions are to determine the location of the car, moving within the established territory and leaving it, recording the mileage, and the number and duration of scheduled visits during the working day. For security in Benish Logistic there is the option of additional connection of the alarm button, remote engine blocking systems and driver identification.

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Benish Eco Driving is a comprehensive solution for assessing driving quality and safety. In addition to the basic functions of GPS monitoring, the device detects excess speed, sudden acceleration, braking, turns and on the basis of this data assesses the driving style of each driver, its safety and economy. Thanks to analytical reports from Benish Eco Driving, you can significantly reduce the number of dangerous maneuvers, improve the quality of safe driving of employees and, as a result, comply with corporate security policies. A special feature of the system is the optional Eco Driving panel, which is installed in the car's interior, displays the main driving indicators and helps the driver to easily control and improve the driving style.

benish gps

Choosing the optimal monitoring system is not easy, and the Benish GPS manager can help you with this issue. Detailed information on the conditions for leasing vehicles with Benish MONITORING systems is available from your leasing partner.

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