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15 March


During the first two months of 2016 the car theft rate has increased up to 44%. Just in Kiev 357 vehicles were stolen. The chance to return a stolen car is very low.

For car thieves there are no particularly difficulties to open even the most expensive car. Moreover, a huge range of tools with the help of which anyone can easily possess another one’s car represented in the free market.

The journalists of the program "Sekretni Materialy", 1 + 1 TV Channel have conducted an investigative experiment and simulated hijacking. The main objective of the experiment was to check the reaction of kievans at the moment when they became witnesses to the vehicles theft attempt. The experiment confirmed that people were not in a hurry to discover the situation and call the police. This proves that everyone whose vehicles are not equipped with safety system should worry about the vehicle safety.

1Benish GPS company representatives were experts in the field of anti-theft systems. Nickolay Kolotov, Ph.D., deputy director of development, demonstrated the principle of automotive safety systems BENISH GUARD and control center staff in emergency situations.

1It should be noted that each vehicle equipped with BENISH GUARD system is continuously protected. Benish GPS dispatch center works round the clock seven days a week and at holidays. In the case of unauthorized operations, a dispatcher receives an alarm associated with car owners and, if necessary, directs the police patrol car to the location.

Therefore, to protect your car against theft today is very easy. You just need to install BENISH GUARD satellite security system.


* The TV channel 1 + 1, "Yak zakhystyty avto vid ugonu? Sekretnі materіaly "Release of March 14, 2016.