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08 December

Winter special offer for BENISH GUARD satellite security system!


Benish GPS is extremely concerned about the statistics of car thefts (the number of car thefts in Ukraine has increased up to 300% according to the Department of Traffic Police of MIA) and in this regard announces about the start of the Winter special offer for BENISH GUARD security system!

BENISH GUARD satellite security system is offered with up to 20% discount for all new clients. In addition you have an opportunity to get months of subscriber service for free! To get bonuses you only need to recommend the system to your friends. So, for each client who will subscribe after your recommendation, you will receive one month of subscriber service for free. More new connections will happen on your recommendation, more free months of service you will get! For bonus months accruals your friend need to report that he had heard about the special offer from you, and while making an order tell your name and initials, as well as the brand of your car.

The offer is valid until 28/02/2015. The results of the Winter special offer will be available in March 2015.

For details please call +380 44 49 44 999.

 Do not miss your chance to get a discount and protect your car!