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12 March

Seven cars were hijacked during one night in Kiev

Kiev’s hijackers nearly set a record last night (12.03.2014): seven cars during a couple hours. Even the most experienced inspector of The State Traffic Patrol Department doesn’t remember such a thing.

The first report of the theft was received from Solomianskyi district. Owner of a Chinese “MG 350” reported that his car was stolen from under his house. Car’s registration number is АА1571РИ, produced in 2012 year, color is black.

The policemen had hardly researched information on place when the call was received from Desnianskyi District. Here beige “Vaz” with the state number 39207КЕ of 1987 production year was stolen.

A blue “GAZ” with the state number СВ3734АТ of 2006 production year was stolen in Solomianskyi district.

A black bike “Yamaha” with the state number АА1295АВ of 1994 production year was hijacked in Dniprovskyi district.

A black SUV "Mitsubishi L 200" with Odessa registration number ВН1057СА, of 2008 production year was  hijacked in the Darnytskyi district.

A red “Mazda” with the state number АА0659ОО, of 2008 production year was stolen in Sviatoshynskyi district.

Towards morning‎  the hijackers again walked through the Darnytskyi district where they have taken a black "Infiniti" with the state numbers of the Russian Federation A068CK 197, of 2011 production year.

The police say that the cars were put on the wanted list. There are no results yet.

There is a suspicion that a group of hijackers who was driving  through Kiev worked  last night – was said in the State Traffic Patrol Department Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

- The only think alarms is that the car brands are different and the price rates vary. As for now an inquiry is prosecuted and a criminal proceeding is opened.  Seven cars during one night is kind of record for us.

Kiev State Traffic Patrol Department asks the participants of the traffic to  provide the information to the hotline 483-70-64 (multi-channel, day and night).

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