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18 December


20% discount

Have you already installed our reliable Benish Guard satellite security system on your car and felt all the benefits and usability of its use?

And besides that, you have your vehicle fleet and you want to control your business?

Then take advantage of the Benish GPS loyalty program. Only until January 15, 2019 all customers who become owners of the Benish Guard system - get the opportunity to purchase a GPS monitoring system with a 20% discount.

In any area of business an important component is the optimization of business processes, including the coordination of corporate transport. Fuel unloading, ineffective route construction, careless driving and, as a result, fast wear of machinery and frequent repairs - these problems can not be avoided if you do not take care of fleet optimization in advance. Realizing all the difficulties of effective transport control organizing Benish GPS has been offering monitoring products for corporate clients several years. Benish Monitoring complete solution includes Benish Logistic, Easy Track, Eco Driving systems and Benish Сontrol.

Benish Monitoring improves fleet efficiency, reducing the cost of car repairs, and controlling staff. Each product has its own set of functions and solves various tasks for optimizing transport logistics.

Benish Monitoring products can solve many tasks, who are facing your business. Due to individual approach to each client, Benish GPS will offer a comprehensive solution for optimizing fleet.

For more detailed information of monitoring systems and conditions of the action, contact with your manager Benish GPS or call: 044 49 44 997

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