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01 February

The future of insurance

The new trend of the insurance market is the development of online-insurance, which is now very popular among Ukrainian companies. Thus, according to the expert view, 3 to 5% of insurance products in Ukraine are sold via the Internet.

One of the key benefits of online insurance is that the insurer establishes close contact with the audience of potentially interested customers, and do not spend enormous budgets on advertising (television, outdoor), which is known to be very expensive and not always as effective as expected.

Moreover, insurers will be able at least partly abandon from affiliates thanks to the online sales. As a result, they save budget costs thanks to saving money for the maintaining of offices and representatives network and paying commission to agents and intermediaries. As a result there appear saved resources that can be used for more important administrative tasks.

Buying a policy through the Internet, the insured saves time on communication with the insurance company. While the company can offer much more flexible insurance rates for the customers.

In addition, the Internet purchase of the policy promises lot of benefits for each side. A simple example: signing an insurance contract online (or submitting an application for insurance through the company's website), the insurer may rely on a variety of bonuses – from a discount for the basic tariff, to the installation of anti-theft Benish GUARD satellite system.

As a result, insurers receive the portfolio growth with the reducing of theft risks and decreasing losses. It is thanks to an opportunity of integrating Benish GUARD into hull products not only for the cars of the high price range, but also to the middle and budget segments. From his point, client is into buying the hull insurance via Internet-insurance thanks to the opportunity to insure the car in "two clicks".