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11 January


The owners of elite cars are happy to install the satellite security systems Benish GUARD, because the sense of calm that guarantees high-quality security equipment is not estimated in material equivalence. So most of the buyers of expensive cars leave the dealership centers on a car already equipped with Benish GUARD. But what about the owners of cars in the middle price category? After all, they should not remain without the attention of auto dealers.

Therefore, appreciating our partners' reputation and needs, Benish GPS optimizes the most popular satellite security system. Now Benish GUARD is available in three configurations - Premium, Platinum and Elite, each of which provides an appropriate set of functions and services. From basic to advanced, depending on the class of the car. Such a gradation will ensure the benefit of installing equipment on cars not only of the upper price category, but also of the middle, as well as budget segments.

Until recently, the Benish GUARD system could be purchased mainly in premium car sales centers. As part of the expansion of the product-line, Benish GPS enables dealers with the ability to provide anti-theft system for all vehicles of medium and budget price categories. After all, if you rely on the statistics of 2016, every fifth stolen car is a foreign car of such manufacturers as Volkswagen, KIA, TOYOTA.

"Our decision to make Benish GUARD affordable to everyone is motivated and justified. After all, now all market insiders of automotive services will be able to meet the needs of their customers. And the potential owner of a middle class car, can acquire an invaluable sense of security for an affordable price", the head of the Benish GPS dealer network development department, Andrey Harabara explained .

The most affordable version of the Benish GUARD Premium is equipped with a basic set of functions to protect the vehicle against theft (control of doors, ignition, remote blocking of traffic), and, of course, Benish GPS control center support, which provides round the clock support and responds quickly to the signal. In addition, there is the possibility of online control of vehicle movements through the mobile application Olympia Tracking, as well as the connection of the "Guard" mode outside of Ukraine.

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