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16 December


Insurance market like any other business environment develops according to the latest trends and challenges. Every day brings new working arrangements as well as new risks. One of the most common types of insurance is car insurance - it has a large number of risks, ranging from financial ones to the car theft. So the question is rather insurers can protect their customers from car steals in order to save themselves from unnecessary risks.

For more than 13 years of its work in Ukraine, Benish GPS has gained a leading position by developing and introducing protection and monitoring systems of personal and corporate vehicles, as well as solutions for the control and optimization of municipal transport.

Benish GPS has developed the unique solutions for the State Boarder Guard Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Interior of Ukraine, Ukrzaliznytsia, Ukrposhta, Kievpastrans and other major state enterprises. Among the last projects was setting up GPS monitoring systems on more than 400 OSCE’s cars.

Commercial segment is mostly interested in the same solution of monitoring and remote control of the vehicles. What is the benefit of such systems for the insurers? Insurance companies both use Benish GUARD satellite security system and implement BE inSURE telematic solution. The reason of this is the unstable situation in the country, which caused the increase in the number of car steals.

As a result - the insurers have concluded that it is more beneficial to tool up premium cars with Benish GUARD rather than pay considerable sums for the reimbursement of stolen car later.

Consequently, many Ukraine's insurance market leaders has successfully installed company’s security systems on premium cars. Together with this Benish GPS has released an optimal and affordable solution for middle class cars.

"We hope that each insured vehicle will be equipped with a high quality security system, correlative with its value. As a result - insurance companies can save substantial sums by minimizing insurance compensation payments to customers"- says Benish GPS Director of Corporate Sales Vladimir Gordeev.

The main point of the system is that the control module is set up hidden in the vehicle and does not dependon its electronic systems. Special keyboard for entering a personal code is established inside the car. In case of not dialing the correct code within thirty seconds, the alarm system turns on with the following reaction of Benish GPS control center. Thus, the operator immediately contacts the customer to determine the cause of the alarm revenues, to block the movement of the car if needed and to call the police. What is the most important, without entering the correct personal code, vehicle will not psych up. In case the customer leaves the territory of the country, the system continues to work, providing protection of the vehicle.

Insurers in this case are attracted by getting the ready service without unnecessary time and money losses. In addition with the guarantee of a long and successful Benish GPS working experience.

BE inSURE is a product for insurance telematics, also created in accordance to hull insurance.

The device has its advantages - it is compact and can be easily installed in the car to record driving style without registering a location and vehicle movements. The equipment operates with a "black box" and only after synchronization with the mobile device sends data to the server.

BE inSURE allows to analyze such indicators as speed mode, harsh accelerations, breakings or turnings. The so-called "driving point" is determined based on this data and an individual discount for each client is calculated accordingly. The more careful is a driver, the bigger is his discount. 

The driver, being included in the "game", adjusts his driving style, trying to increase his scores in order to save money. In case of an accident the client can immediately register an insurance case to report from place of road accident, sending photos to the insurance company by e-mail .

Thus, the product is beneficial for everyone: the driver gets a discount while the insurance company reduces its risks. In such a way, Benish GPS provides both personal and national safety.