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06 December

How Benish GUARD can help insurers to increase the number of insured cars?

Benish GUARD satellite security system is now available for the owners of the middle-class cars. These are not only drivers, who will benefit, but also the insurance companies that will avert themselves from the unnecessary losses.

During the last 13 years of its work, Benish GPS has being integrating the satellite security and monitoring systems, the main task of witch is the efficient use of customers’ and partners’ funds and resources. In fact, taking into account the specificities of the insurance market, the company does not stop to evolve and, for this reason, optimizes its most popular Benish GUARD system.

Benish Guard is now available in three complete sets - Premium, Platinum and Elite,each of which includes the corresponding set of functions and services - from basic to advanced, depending on the class of the vehicle.

This gradation allows insurance companies to significantly increase the number of insured vehicles and, consequently, to reduce the risk of theft and to decrease general losses. It becomes real as insurers will be able to propose Benish GUARD not only to the owners of top-price category cars, but also to the ones, who own vehicles from the medium and budget segments. As, judging from the statistics, every 5-th stolen automobile is a foreign middle class car of TOYOTA, KIA, HONDA brands. Therefore, it is much more profitable for the insurer to mount client’s car with the Benish GUARD satellite security system as a bonus rather than pay a considerable prize of the stolen car.

- "We hope that availability of Benish GUARD in three  different complectations will provide the high-quality protection of the insured vehicles according to their prise segment. As a result - the insurance companies will save considerable sums by reducing the compensation of insurance payments ", - says the Benish GPS Director of Corporate Sales Vladimir Gordeev.

Availability of the security system eliminates the risk of insurance frauds from the dishonest insurers who are always trying to fabricate an accident or theft in order to receive reimbursements from the insurers.

The most Affordable Benish GUARD Premium is represented by the basic set of functions that provide the vehicle theft protection (doors control, ignition, remote vehicle lock), and the support of 24-hour Benish GPS dispatching center.

In addition, there is an ability of roaming connection, as well as on-line control of the vehicle movements through the Web portal via Olympia Tracking mobile application.