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30 November

How to stop car thief and prevent insurers’ losses?

General situation with the car theft in Ukraine is literally catastrophic. Over the last three years the number of autostealings increased threefold!

Only during 2015 attackers unlawfully gained possession of more than 12 thousand vehicles. During the first half of 2016 this number increased threefold! The situation is exacerbated by the fact that not only cheap cars are under thefts’ attack but also premium cars and luxury offroaders.

These are not only car owners, who suffer, but also insurance companies. If the stolen vehicle insures for hull, than cargo compensation for losses, related with the theft, is under insurers’ responsibility. In many companies they say that during 2015-2016 years the frequency of insurance events, related to the misappropriation of the vehicles has increased in 5-10 times. The footings, claimed for reimbursement by car owners have raised accordingly. At the same time, as a rule, we are talking about millions of losses that the insurance company subsequently cannot cover.As a result, a growing number of thefts leads to the fact that insurance companies can hardly cope with the payments and are risking to come to the verge of bankruptcy.

Something similar has already happened in 2009-2010, when in a result of the crisis and devaluation, the amount of insurers’ losses had risen sharply. Some major players also needed to leave the market by the virtue of insolvency.

However, stopping the hijackers and saving insurers from large losses is quite real. Judging from the practice, the most effective way to protect yourself against car theft is to install the modern anti-theft system. Moreover, it is not just a mere statement.  According to the numbers, the presence of even a simple car alarm system reduces the risk of theft to nearly 40-50%. While more sophisticated solutions help to almost absolutely reduce the threat of theft.

As an example, Benish Guard satellite security system, which provides a comprehensive and, what is the most important, effective protection of the vehicle. The controller and sensors of doors and trunk opening, which are wired up to the on-board network are blocking the access to the vehicle. But even if the attacker succeed to broke into the car, the system immediately sends a signal to the Benish GPS control centre, whose staff quickly respond to the alarm. After finding out from the vehicle owner rather he is next to his car, operators block the engine and call up the police if it is necessary. Thanks to such established mechanisms, during 13 years of Benish Guard existence in Ukraine, not a single theft of the vehicle with the installed system was committed. Moreover, installation of Benish Guard is an integral part of the hull programs of leading insurance companies for already about 3 years.

If recalling the sad statistics and the fact that the number of thefts saves its upward tendency, we make a conclusion that Benish GUARD is a perfect decision for insurance companies to minimizing losses and saving money together with providing convincing defense of their clients' cars.