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07 November

Video about the best security system

Have you ever thought about protecting your car from the potential attempts of abduction or any harmful conducts? Obviously, the answer is yes. Prudent and caring car owners certainly know or at least have heard about the satellite security system Benish GUARD. As it is not just a simple alarm system, but a full range of equipment and services that provide a twenty-four-hour protection and theft prevention of a car.

Benish GUARD - a reliable theft-defender of your car

  • Immediate response to the damage or theft attempts
  • Police alarm call in case of theft attempt
  • Emergency help: ambulance, tow truck and (or) other emergency services call request
  • Remote alarm horn activation and stopping down car movement
  • Guidance in case of driving in an unknown territory

You can get know more about how Benish GUARD system works and what it consists of from our short video review 

Those, who have already installed Benish GUARD on their cars can get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the system from the video above. These are such questions as about the possibility of Benish GUARD alarm system baffle, 100% guarantee of system work, its work abroad etc.