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07 October

Motivation for safe driving with Benish EcoDriving

Today, with a steady rush of traffic and violation of traffic safety rules, the rates of accidents and threats to life and health of drivers constantly increase.

According to this, there is no wonder that prudent managers of companies, which are connected with transportation and heads of organizations that have their own fleet set themselves the question of optimizing transport logistic and improving the safety of their fleet and personnel.

Together with the corporate trainings, an innovative development of Benish GPS - Benish EcoDriving system provides effective results in this area.

In addition to the general benefits of GPS-monitoring (control of vehicle location, its transportation, mileage accounting, fuel outcome, monitoring of stops and parking) Benish EcoDriving allows to:

  • identify the style of driving
  • train driver in the real-time mode (with audio and video tips)
  • prevent dangerous breach during the driving
  • determine whether the driver is wearing a seat belt
  • monitor the work of the fleet using transparent and flexible reports


How does Benish EcoDriving work

The system determines and calculates the general number of potentially dangerous and uneconomical manipulations and sends these data to the program. The frequent sudden accelerations and decelerations illustrate an aggressive style of driving accordingly. The system determines speeding spaces, which can be marked on the map with some special markers.

Thus, the system individually puts penalty points, accrued for the violation of a particular type. Later they are summed up and an average value is produced, which is based on time or distance data. The amount of penalty points for each type of violation can be set individually according to the specific purposes. All the data are cumulated into convenient reports for fast and easy tracking of driving habits of employees and for road traffic accident prevention by an early identification of employees with a low score of "safe driving". These reports can automatically be sent both to the company top-management and to the employees.


Economy and environmental friendliness as real benefits, not just simple bonuses

The implementation of Benish EcoDriving system can reduce petrol expenses up to 7-15% as well as  maintenance and repair of motor vehicles up to 40%. The logical consequence of fuel economy is the reduce of CO2 emissions, which is so important today for the environmental conditions and related projects of social responsibility of companies.