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28 September

"Smart defense". In the nearest years, 25% of insured cars in Ukraine will be equipped with telematic devices

Ukrainian insurance market needs innovations more than ever today. As these are software solutions, automation of business processes and the development of online services, which help insurance companies to become closer to their customers and to understand their expectations and needs. Both in the part of a tariff policy and the speed of insured accident regulation.

But beyond a reasonable price of insurance product, clients require for individual approach, loyalty and flexibility from insurer’s side. And it is quite clear that it is very difficult to obtain insurer’s commitment with a help of the "old" proven methods. It is reasonable that client-oriented insurance companies are looking for alternative ways to reach out  their audience and offer new solutions that are exceptional and contain practical benefits. Such kind of solution is TELEMATICS, which monitors automobile movement and takes into account the driving style of its owner.

Based on these data, insurance company accumulates detailed statistics thanks to which it can calculate the degree of risk, and thus create a fair insurance rate and offer the best price to client, taking into account personal driving skills.

In many countries (USA, Brazil, Western Europe) telematics is widely used by insurance companies since the early 2000s. Ukraine is only at the beginning of the way of Telematics mass implementation. But the boom of this technology is not far off.

One of the pioneers in this field is the Benish GPS company, which has developed a telematics solution Be inSURE, which is on the final stage of testing.

A full team worked on creating this product with it’s ideology, content and capabilities. And it was reasonable: Be inSURE – it is a unique development for our national market.

It is not just a hardware that collects statistics on the car movement, but a full range of useful services.

“In the heart of BeinSURE lays a tiny device, which is connected to the diagnostic socket OBD-II and collects information about the car. This block contains a 3D-accelerometer that fixes all the sudden maneuvers, tuning and acceleration. And let admit that there’s no GPS, GSM modules, recording and transmitting data on the car's location. So the client remains fully confidential and it is impossible to trace his location", - sais Dmitry Krivoshey , the Head of Development and Innovations Departement of Benish GPS.

Collected data are transferred via Bluetooth to driver’s smartphone with specially installed application. In such a way the driver may see that discount which he received on the result of his driving during the day. The discount size is not ephemeral but clearly nominated in UAH. So that it is an additional motivation to drive more carefully: the more carefully you drive, the bigger your discount is. 

The device can additionally accumulate and transmit information on operating the vehicle, data about its technical condition, display error codes and even notify you about the need to conduct routine maintenance of the car.


The insurance company receives a personal web interface and ability to access all data. The degree of access is completely different. For example, an employee, who is appointed as an administrator can pass rights to a particular agent, who, from his side, will see only the statistics for those customers whom he/she accompanies.

The insurer’s administrative panel. Manager account. Evaluation of the driving quality.

Even with no access to personal information of policyholders, marketing consultant will able to post news and send messages.

Insurer’s administrative panel. Marketing consultant’s account. Adding news.

In other words, the insurance company gets a new way of communication with the customer, providing information about the promotions, new products and programs, informing about changes to his contract, etc.

Insurer’s administrative panel. Marketing consultant’s account. Preference / advice notification.

Equally important for the insurer is the statistics that he receives from telematics devices. As a company can create not only a current database to calculate the cost of policies, but also get invaluable information on driving style, accidents, exploitation of the vehicle, which eventually will become a foundation for the development of new products and services.

Companies which are testing Be inSURE already, are interested in the opportunity to pass information about  data errors and problems that arise during the operation of the car to dealers and service station. This will allow service stations as quickly as possible to respond to the problems encountered with the car, and fix them.


Be inSURE prospects seem to be endless. On the one hand, for a single insurance company Telematics is a tool of individual approach to customers, perfect way of the tariff optimization and policy alignment of discounts and special offers. In addition to this, a serious problem of fraud exists today. This product may allow minimize the attempts of fraud. In addition, telematics helps to save money both for insurers and policyholders.

On the other hand, telematics is able to provide significant social impact. To increase the security culture, to improve the security situation on the roads, as well as providing benefits for other insurance segments (for example, in “avtotsivіlka” during the transition to free pricing).

- "Our main task is to make Be inSURE useful both for the insurance company and its customers. If we look at the similar decisions we can see that their favor is minimal. The client of insurance company receives a set of services with no extra pays "- Moshe Benish provides as an example.

By the way, according to different points of view, during the nearest 2 or 3 years 25% of insured cars in Ukraine are going to be tackled with such devices.

The matter depends on the smallest: to establish close cooperation between between insurers and developers and provide the insurance market with a decision it really needs.