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10 August

What is the biggest fear of all motorists?

What do you think, what will be your first feeling when the eye, rather than rush to the familiar outlines of your own car, rest to the empty space? In the first seconds, you will feel numb, and after the awareness of the bitter fact comes, which scares all motorists.

Have you ever thought about the way of your car protecting? How to protect a car from the slightest attempt of its harm? And, of course, how to prevent any attempt to seize your car?

Benish GUARD is not only a car alarm, but it’s a set of equipment and services for the clock security and prevention of a vehicle theft.

The basis of Benish GUARD is its own dispatch center, operators of which work around the clock, 365 days per year to respond to signals from equipment and immediately alert the car owner for all emergencies.

The equipment is installed in the vehicle and connected to covert electronic systems, but does not affect their operation.

Inside the car is set:

  • The keyboard for the personal code entering, which allows deactivating the car’s protection mode, and starting the engine.
  • Alarm button, after pushing which, the signal goes to the control center and the operator immediately communicates with the car owners.

Mobile application Olympia Tracking, provides the ability to determine the time, number and duration of trips, vehicle location, as well as the state of charge and battery voltage.


  • Immediate response in case of vehicle’s damage or theft attempt
  • Call the police if someone tries to seize the vehicle
  • Help in emergency situations: call an ambulance, emergency or towing
  • Remote switch siren and stop the car movement
  • Assistance to the driver when driving on unfamiliar terrain

For more information, please call 044 49 44 999