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23 October

Corporate car of a big international company was saved from theft thanks to Benish GPS.

Skoda Octavia was equipped with a satellite monitoring system, which allows determining the car’s location up to a few meters. The main function of a GPS monitoring system is to control the vehicle's mileage, its location, taking into account speed limits and control of fuel consumption. Besides, thanks to the system car theft was prevented once again.

The incident happened on September 23th. Thus, in the morning Benish GPS company received a call from a client’s representative with information about the disappearance of a corporate car Skoda Octavia. Benish GPS manager immediately determined the exact location of the missed car. Besides that, the history of vehicle’s movement was restored: about 2 am the car was illegally moved 5 km away from the place it was left for the night. According to the data set the car was in the private sector in one of a Kyiv district. The police was immediately called to the specified place. In a matter of minutes the patrol and client’s representative came to the place of incident. After inspection, police found a stolen car in a private house’s yard. The investigative team of MIA of Ukraine performed all the further processing of the incident and the detention of suspects. The car was successfully returned to its owner.

It stands to mention that Benish GPS Company more than once managed to keep corporate customers' cars. In addition to the direct purpose of monitoring system, emergency system allows to take the necessary measures quickly and act according to the situation. As a result, a customer receives a high quality service and additional benefits from the use of GPS monitoring.

Benish GPS is always happy to help with the implementation of the most complex projects for security and control of your fleet!