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09 February


Whether will you pay more, installing an expensive Benish GPS car system, if just as well you can use the alarm?

Two-way communication alarms are presented at the market for a long time. Car owners can buy it an the automobile shops, car markets and via the Internet. It is no surprise that hijackers enough discovered them. The owners of such systems need to respond to the alarm signal received from the security system independently (to call the police, to run to the car, etc.). To open such systems the robbers need just about 5 minutes. As for Benish GPS equipment, it’s not massive and can be purchased (installed) only at official dealer or directly at Benish GPS Company. The car security is executive not by the car owner, while  by around the clock dispatching center of the company that receives alarms, can block of the car engine remotely, informs the owner and, if necessary, call the police or other emergency services.

Benish GUARD is a reliable defender of car theft provides notification of an unauthorized intrusion and external influence on the car. Benish GPS dispatch center employees promptly react to any abnormal situations and help prevent theft attempts around the clock, including weekends and holidays.

Will provide the same level of protection is a common alarm? As you can see, the question is not rhetorical...