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03 August

Benish GPS Company has launched "Ukrainian welcoming" project

1A unique project named "Ukrainian welcoming" was launched by Benish GPS in late July in Boryspil airport.

The main idea of ​​the project is creation of the country’s positive image with the help of sincerely hospitable, truly Ukrainian greeting of the guests and citizens of Ukraine.

For most travelers Boryspil airport is the first acquaintance with Ukraine and over time is one of the first memory of our country. That is why the project was focused on the fact that from the very first minute of residency the guests could feel the beauty and hospitality of the Ukrainian capital. For this purpose all telescopic passageways of Boryspil airport’s Terminal D were creatively decorated on the theme of national greetings in different languages and decorated with images of the legendary sights of Kyiv. Just from the time of landing to Ukrainian land, visitors can admire the spectacular views of Kyiv. Among them there is magnificent Kiev Pechersk Lavra, the mysterious St. Andrew's descent, the famous Independence Square and many other historical and cultural buildings of the capital.

"The launch of "Ukrainian welcoming" project is our contribution to the forming of modern image of open, welcoming European Ukraine. We wish that after passing a thorny path of development, Ukraine can become strong and rich European country while preserving its culture and longstanding traditions. We are pleased that we were able to make our contribution to the development of international tourism in Ukraine, which will undoubtedly improve the country’s economic situation," - Moshe Benish, Vice-President of Benish GPS.