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08 September


Every day the technique that surrounds us becomes easier and smaller, both in use and in dimensions. For example, a mobile phone at origin was not "mobile" at all and weighed 3 kg with a battery reserve for 1 hour. Just in 50 years, smartphone weighs on average 175 grams and performs a million different operations per second. Tendencies to improvement are also observed in the field of satellite monitoring. The more convenient the tracker is, the more easily it’s started to be for fleet manager to receive the needed data and make a plan for further work. One of the up-to-date solutions for transport control and monitoring is compact tracker EasyTrack - offered by Benish GPS for corporate fleet managers in Ukraine and Europe.

EasyTrack is a solution for complex transport monitoring, which works by plug&play principle and doesn’t require any additional installation costs. An outstanding feature of the tracker is the fact that it can be associated to a driver, but not a car. This solution is particularly true for companies where drivers work per schedule, use different or personal vehicles for work purposes because EasyTrack allows to track driver’s data online and can be used for every car equipped with a diagnostic OBD-II connector.


Tracker EasyTrack

The tracker determines the vehicle location, speed, the vehicle's on-board computer data (engine turnovers, battery voltage, engine load, coolant temperature, accelerator depressing, DTC errors, etc.), and does not interfere with the mechanisms. All information on how many kilometers the driver passed, how often it exceeded the speed, whether the car is moving in the established geo-zone or left it, as well as the fact of switching on/off the ignition is recorded. Data received from the equipment is accumulated to the software, and the manager can generate reports on all of indicators or for each one separately.

EasyTrack software

Benish EasyTrack is a convenient vehicle monitoring solution that reduces not only maintenance costs, but also fuel consumption. In addition, the tracker allows dealing with unscrupulous personnel and screening out incompetent and dishonest employee. The successful experience of Ukrainian distribution and pharmaceutical companies in using the tracker opens up opportunities for the introduction of similar systems in other business areas.

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