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08 February

Thanks to the Benish Guard was prevented an attempt to hijack!


On February 02 at 02:08 to the Dispatching center of the Benish GPS Ukraine company the alarm signal arrived, the door opening sensor of the BMW X6 car was activated. The car was parked near a house, the owner of the car having looked out in the window and convinced that the car was on its place, cancelled an alarm signal. At 04:38 from this car into the Dispatching center the alarm signal on switch starting arrives again. For prevention of stealing of the car, the dispatcher blocked the engine then the owner went down to the location of the car and found traces of a door breaking and attempt of the car theft.

As the owner of the BMW X6 car Ekaterina noted: "Thanks to professionalism of dispatchers of the Benish GPS Ukraine company, attempt of stealing of my car was quickly prevented. Nowadays it is difficult to find reliable anti-theft system which would allow leaving the car easy though for 10 minutes near the shop or during the night period near the house. That is great that there is a satellite system of safety of Benish Guard thanks to which I can be sure that my car is under reliable protection!"

It should be mentioned that for more than 9 years of successful work in the market of security and anti-theft  systems, the Benish GPS Ukraine company is justifiably proud of the respect of its dedicated customers and successes in improvement of reliability, functionality and qualities of satellite anti-theft systems. The Benish GPS Ukraine company is the only company in Ukraine which works with the full assistance of the State Traffic Patrol Department Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, that allows to take quickly measures in case of alarm signal arrival from the satellite systems of safety.

As of today, the Benish GPS Ukraine company prevented more than 6 000 attempts of car theft