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07 December


Since 2008, Porsche Ukraine is the official importer and dealer of Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle, Audi and SEAT in Ukraine, and it allows the company to occupy a significant share of Ukrainian automobile market. The company represents the international holding – Porsche Holding Salzburg, the largest car distribution company in the world.

Porsche Ukraine, being a car importer, also supplies original spare parts and accessories for all brands of the company besides selling cars through a dealer network. Despite a wide range, there was no car antitheft protection product provided at Ukrainian market, despite the obvious need of car owners.

Understanding the constantly growing statistics of hijacking in Ukraine, Porsche Ukraine has been analyzing the market of special devices that would protect the clients’ cars since the beginning of 2017. As a result, Benish GPS, the Ukrainian telematics market leader, was chosen as a reliable partner. Since this November, the cars of Porsche Ukraine brands will be protected by the satellite security system Benish GUARD, which has shown 100% efficiency in protection against theft for 14 years of its operation at the market.

Benish GUARD is presented in four configurations: Premium, Platinum, Elite and Ultra. The configurations are created taking into account the customers capabilities and needs. The system will be installed at the official service stations of Porsche Ukraine dealership centers. Such installation ensures correct intervention in the car's systems, which allows to keep the manufacturer's guarantee. At customer request, the system can be installed even before the car leaves the car dealership, which allows to protect the car from the very first minute of operation.

Thanks to the partnership of Benish GPS and Porsche Ukraine, the owners of Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle, Audi and SEAT don’t need to worry for their vehicle safety, both within warranty and post-warranty services period. Company executives believe that this cooperation will lead to a reduction hijackings level in Ukraine.

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