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07 September


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According to statistics of law enforcement agencies in the first 8 months in Ukraine more than 4,600 cars were hijacked that is approximately 19 vehicles per day. Only a third of lawful owners managed to return stolen cars. Sometimes for finding and returning of the cars owners involve to social networks for help, where they place information about the theft. It happens that joint efforts result to find and return the car, but such cases are not frequent.

According to Benish GPS Dispatch center method which the attackers use trying to take over another's car is the door locks opening. Such cases are more than half of all recorded. As for the periods when hijacking attempts are recorded, everything is predictable here too: most often such cases occur at night (from 0.00 to 3.00), in the morning (from 6.00 to 12.00). It is at a time when the owner has the least possibility to control the safety of his car.

 Benish gps

So what should you do for not to be among those who lost their iron friend and helper?

Always close the car before leaving! Also experts advise leaving the car only in guarded parking lots or closed parking, garages and install additional security systems.

Today the most effective protection system is Benish GUARD system. Even if an intruder can open a door lock or break a window, he will not be able to get the personal code of the car owner and leave. Benish GUARD keypad for entering the personal code is located in the cabin, and the engine can only be started after entering the correct combination of numbers. Once the attacker attempts to open the vehicle, a signal about unauthorized actions will be sent to Benish GPS Dispatch center. Employees of the dispatch center will immediately contact the car owner and, if necessary, call a police patrol to the location. Benish GPS Dispatch center works in 24/7 mode, without days off and breaks for the possibility of immediate response in the event of alarm signals from the Benish GUARD security systems. Every day, the dispatch center processes over 1,300 alarms, which may indicate attempts to take over clients’ cars.

As for now Benish GUARD is available in 4 configurations, and the car owner of any segment will be able to choose the most suitable option based on their individual requests and the price category of the security system.

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