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07 July


The larger the company, the more staff it has, which entails the need to optimize the work processes of employees. For the effective management of a large team, it is necessary to distribute responsibilities and meet deadlines for accomplishing tasks. To date, there is a huge amount of software that allows to establish management processes. A good addition to such programs can be a GPS monitoring system for employees or a personal tracker.

BeniFone GPS monitoring system is a personal tracker that is a universal solution for any business. BeniFone allows the head without leaving the office to find out the history of the employee's movements: time, route and duration. You can also get information about when the employee visited the planned points and how many were in each of them. Modern software that processes received data from the tracker allows generating analytical reports on various parameters, such as analytics for the entire period of work, a report on the fact of visits, violations of specified geozones, the length of staying in selected locations.

The principle of the BeniFone GPS monitoring system

With the help of the BeniFone tracker, you can communicate using a function to receive incoming calls. And the opportunity to make twenty numbers in memory allows an employee to make an outgoing call to the manager, supervisor or contractor. In the case of an external threat, an SOS button is provided, which is programmed to send a signal to an authorized person about an emergency or emergency situation.

The reliability and efficiency of the BeniFone tracker made it an ideal tool to optimize working hours. The system is already actively used by companies - the leaders of logistics, transport, pharmaceutical, trade, construction, and security sphere. BeniFone improves the work of mobile staff, identifying deviations from the timetable or working schedule. After all, the correctly constructed work of the state allows to guarantee the smooth running of the entire company and increases the degree of customer confidence.

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