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07 April


Car thefts level has got commercial size in Ukraine. According to statistics of the previous year, another auto is being stolen each 45 minutes in the country. As reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 11 324 cars were stolen from Ukrainian people in 2015.

The leader in this sad rating is Kyiv city with 1 957 thefts. Official statistics shows that nearly 400 thefts were recorded in the capital during just first 2 months of this year, i.e. 90 occasions more than during same period last year.


The crime clearance rate still does not make drivers happy. For example 238 crimes were disclosed in the capital by the end of the last year, while this year the Kyiv Police has defused 10 gangs of auto thieves. Despite these figures the amount of crime still increases.

But car safety solution is a satellite security system Benish GUARD. Thanks to this system, thousands of Ukrainians’ cars were protected from thefts during 13 years of company activity.  


Special equipment records all facts of unauthorized vehicle use, such as forced opening of door, hood or boot, disconnection from in-vehicle network, hauling or towing and even strike on a car. In this situation an alarm signal is sent immediately to the dispatch center of Benish GPS. Then center’s operators, which work 24/7, contact a car owner immediately to find out the situation. Also, a dispatch operator can block a car engine at a distance and call the police and, if necessary, ambulance, evacuator or other emergency services to an accident scene.

Installation of Benish GUARD is one of basic recommendations for car theft prevention. Forewarned is forearmed, thus the car equipped with GPS security system will not fill up the splash at the chart of thefts of Ukrainians’ cars. 

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