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06 November


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In the modern world, almost every family has a car. Cars have long ceased to be a luxury, but become a necessity. The car becomes the main part of our life. We're going to work by it, taking our children to school and training, we go on trips or just to the country at the weekend. For some people, the car becomes part of their lives.

Making a purchase of a new car, no matter what class it is, everyone asks how to ensure safety and protection, while ensuring that it is available and reliable. Unfortunately, now a car of any segment, price and exclusivity is at considerable risk of theft.

Benish GPS Company is committed to what you really love, was always under protection, and offers an affordable security system for your car.

BENISH GUARD PREMIUM is a system configuration, providing a basic level of protection. A keypad is placed in the car’s interior and only after entering the correct personal code the engine starts. In case of entering the wrong code or unauthorized access, Benish GPS dispatch center operators can block the movement of the car and call the police to the location.

Benish GPS dispatchers work around the clock and will immediately contact the driver if the perimeter of the vehicle is disturbed - unauthorized opening of doors, bonnet, trunk. In the event that the equipment is disconnected from the power supply or the vehicle battery is at a critically low level, the dispatcher will also call the car owner back to get confirmation that there is no abnormal situation.

By installing the free Olympia Tracking mobile application on your smartphone, based on Android and iOS, you will be able to determine the location, view the travel history, as well as the current status of the vehicle systems.

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The cost of the Benish Guard PREMIUM satellite system is commensurate with conventional alarms, but simple alarms can’t provide a similar level of vehicle protection against theft. Now Benish Guard PREMIUM can be bought for 299 USD, and the monthly fee is only 300 UAH.

Trust Benish Guard to protect your car and get a reliable system from hijacking as profitably as possible.

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