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06 July


benish gps

The sense of safety is inherently linked to the control of everything that happens nearby, be it personal safety, enterprise security, or even the city as a whole. When it comes to monitoring the territory within a radius of more than a few meters, simply visual observation will not be enough. Intelligent video surveillance will be able to cope with this task.

Modern video surveillance systems make it possible to see in real time all that occurs on the territory of the monitored facility and, in which case, to take the necessary measures. In order to ensure security and control, Ukrainian enterprises, both private and public, are increasingly installing similar systems.

Benish GPS, the leader in security and monitoring market, has developed and implemented a system of intelligent video surveillance for the Kyivzelenbud branch – a municipal enterprise for the maintenance of greenery in the Pechersky district. Within the project, 20 IP cameras were installed on the territory owned by the enterprise. Special software displays real-time data from cameras.

Among the functions of the system is:

  • Monitoring the current situation – data is transmitted to the monitors of security specialists in real time;
  • Collecting and analyzing information – data from video cameras are delivered to servers where they are processed and stored for some time;
  • Motion detection – after an employee crosses a territory, when leaves or enters a room, the system immediately notifies about this fact of the security specialist.


The municipal enterprise Kyivselenbud is a territorial association of enterprises of green construction and exploitation of green plantations of the city, carries out a range of works on green building, maintenance of green plantations, which are assigned to enterprises on the right of economic management, technical supervision of the city green plantations, fixed and controlled by them, cultivation and sale planting material of ornamental trees and bushes, flower and vegetable products, lawn grass seeds, services to customers in landscaping and landscaping, production and sale of consumer goods and timber, etc.

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