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05 October


The Ukrainian car market is still unable to restore pre-crisis sales level of cars despite the improvement happened this summer. In order to maintain sales at the same level, dealers offer discounts and promotions to clients, often depriving themselves the additional profit as "base" dealer rate is extremely low.

What should the auto dealers do in this case? Could they find additional sources of profit in the current conditions? AVT "Bavaria" found the answers to these questions. The company conclude that selling the additional equipment and increasing the service busyness can provide stable income in modern conditions. Cooperation with Benish GPS for the product Benish GUARD is a good example. As a high-margin product, Benish Guard allows an auto dealer to get benefit from both sale and installation of equipment.


Since 2017, the partnership between AVT "Bavaria" and Benish GPS has been strengthened by a new program aimed the increasing of profits of official BMW dealerships. The program is based on Benish GPS providing favorable conditions for Benish GUARD implementation, when the dealer make money off both selling and installing the system. The system is installed by qualified specialists of official services. That allows not only to increase the income of each dealer center, but also to maintain warranty service of the car.

Benish GUARD satellite security system is proposed in four configurations: Premium, Platinum, Elite and Ultra and this makes it affordable for any BMW. The obvious advantage of the system is Benish GPS own dispatch center, that operates 24/7. An exclusive contract with the police provides the quickest possible assistance in emergency cases.

The productive experience of AVT "Bavaria" confirms the effectiveness of such programs, which open additional opportunities for increasing profits for all car dealers. The company Benish GPS is ready to implement these programs and develop unique conditions together with each auto-importer of Ukraine.


Benish GPS is the market leader in satellite monitoring and security systems. The company is a part of Benish Group international holding company. Benish GPS has been operating on Ukrainian market since 2003 and cooperates with the largest auto importers, dealers, insurance, pharmaceutical, leasing and FMCG companies. The basis of each project is round the clock dispatch center, whose employees consult clients, organize maintenance and technical support and react instantly in case of fixing a car steal attempt.

AVT "Bavaria" is Ukrainian official importer of BMW since 1997. Over the past period, the dealer network has been successfully developed; stable sales of cars, reliable and professional service have been established. As for now, it is one of the most developed car dealing enterprises in Eastern Europe. AVT Bavaria car dealership concept implies maximum customer orientation. The client visiting the centers receives not only a full range of high-quality services but also immerse himself in the special atmosphere surrounding the prestigious car brand and feel the spirit of BMW. Since October 1, 2004 "AVT Bavaria" belongs to the group of companies Avto Aktiv Intermercatus (Slovenia).