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05 May


The travel season is open! And due to the fact that Ukrainians have a wonderful opportunity for visa-free European trips, many motorists plan to travel to far and near abroad. But the risks associated with the safety of the car, persecute us even on vacation, so before going on a trip, you need to make sure that the car is well protected, even away from home.

Benish GUARD

However, the owners of the satellite security system Benish GUARD has absolutely nothing to worry about. In order use the roaming service, you only need to apply at least 3 working days before departure.

If you travel regularly, then for you the best solution will be to connect the International tariff. What is its undoubted advantage? The most important thing is the lack of data transfer fees outside Ukraine, as well as additional documentation for roaming connection.

The cost of activation of the tariff is 500 UAH, but the final amount may depend on the year of release of the installed equipment Benish GUARD. The subscription fee - 696 UAH per month, but payable for the year will receive a discount of 5%.To activate the tariff - fill in the online form on our website or contact the company's employee by phone 044 49 44 999.

Tariff International will allow Benish GUARD protect your car in 50 countries of the near and in 25 countries of far abroad.

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