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05 August


benish guard

Benish GPS offers 4 configurations s of the most popular satellite system Benish GUARD: Premium, Platinum, Elite and Ultra, the main task of each of which is car protection from any attempts of hijacking. The systems are installed in the official dealer centers; therefore, a manufacturer's warranty is reserved.

BENISH GUARD PREMIUM is the most affordable system configuration, providing a basic level of protection. A keyboard is installed in the car and only after entering the correct personal code is it possible to start the engine and start driving. If you enter the wrong code or unauthorized access, operators Benish GPS control center can block the movement of the car and call the police to the scene of the incident.

benish guard

 Operators of Benish GPS dispatch center work around the clock and immediately contact the driver if the perimeter of the vehicle is broken i.e. unauthorized opening of doors, hood, trunk. In case of equipment disconnection from the power supply or the vehicle's battery has a critically low level, the dispatcher will also call the car owner to confirm that there is no emergency.

benish guard

After installing a free mobile application Olympia Tracking on your iOS or Android smartphone, you can determine the location, view the travel history, and the current status of the car's systems.

The cost of Benish Guard PREMIUM satellite system is commensurate with the price of conventional alarm, however, no simple alarm system is able to provide such a level of car protection against theft. Now BENISH GUARD PREMIUM can be bought for $299, and the monthly subscription fee is 300 UAH.

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