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04 July


In June the staff of the Benish GPS company made a 27-kilometer trip, having visited the most picturesque places of the Southern coast of the Crimea.

Having started from Balaklava, they climbed the Chembalo Genoese fortress, went over the British Asketi hillsides where the Southern Balaklava Fort is located. A little later the Aja Cape ridge passage took place on the Kush-Kaya mountain, and after that they climbed the highest point of the cape – the Kokiya-kaya (blue rock) mountain 558 meters high. They finished their trip in one of the most beautiful corners of the Southern coast of the Crimea in a cozy Laspi bay.

The trip left not only bright impressions, but also became a bright example of that the aspiration to achievement of goals helps to conquer any tops!