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02 March


Security it is first of all feeling of safety and control over any situation. We are felling calm if no one is trying to hijack our car anyone, when we can find out where our child is, or whether everything is okay with the cargo that we are transporting if we are dealing with transportation. To ensure that you are constantly feeling safe, we have created innovative products Benish GUARD, BeniLock and BeniFone, which can help you to keep any situation under control and to be calm. But safety is also when you can walk calmly along the night street, not being afraid that someone can attack you. That is why Kyiv City State Administration plans to install modern lighting systems in Kyiv streets that will not only save electricity, but also improve the situation with safe movements in the capital.

Kyiv City State Administration, in cooperation with Benish GPS, began upgrading Kyiv lighting systems at the end of 2017. Benish GPS has supplied and installed 5 thousand of "smart" lighting devices in the city center. We have already wrote about what "smart" lighting is and how it allows to reduce electricity costs not only on a global scale, but also in every family.

Installation of such lighting won’t only save up to 40 million UAH and will allow Kiev to gradually become a really "smart" city, but also a way to significantly reduce the number of crimes. Indeed, only in January 2018 there were almost 52 thousand crimes of varying severity, the lion's share of which accounts for Kyiv and the region. Installation of modern lighting in the city will significantly reduce the level of crime, even in the most criminal areas.

It is planned that lighting systems will be replaced or installed at 136 objects in Kyiv – streets, bridges, parks and local areas. There LED-lamps with a "dimming mode" will be installed. They will work in four seasons’ mode: spring, summer, winter and autumn. The setting depends on the average length of daylight in each season. The lamp operating time is determined to full power, the glow in the "dimming mode", and time when the lighting will be completely turned off. Therefore, in the winter days, the lamps will shine much longer and provide safe and pleasant walks and the way home.

The best way to avoid danger is to anticipate and prevent it. Therefore, the installation of smart lighting systems that serve a longer period and provide a much larger lighting radius than conventional incandescent lamps will improve the safety of pedestrians, since they no longer have to walk in dark alleys, and all unsafe, icy sections of the road on which it was possible get injured will be noticeable in advance.

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