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02 February

The last month of Special offer for BENISH GUARD satellite car security system!!


We would like to remind you that only 1 month is left until the end of the special offers from Benish GPS!

You have a unique opportunity to take part in the Winter offer and buy a satellite system security BENISH GUARD with discounts up to 20% only until the end of February. In addition, you can get months of subscription services for free. To get bonuses you only need to recommend the system to your friends So, for each client who will subscribe after your recommendation, you will receive one month of subscriber service for free. More new connections will happen on your recommendation, more free months of service you will get! For bonus months accrual your friend need to report that he had heard about the special offer from you, and while making an order tell your name and initials, as well as the brand of your car.

For details please call +380 44 49 44 999.

Do not miss the last chance to buy a satellite system security BENISH GUARD at the best price!

Take care of the safety of your car today!

* BENISH GUARD satellite security system is a modern system of a car protection. In case of any attempts of an unauthorized entry into the vehicle, towing or hitting of the car, the system immediately sends an alarm signal to Benish GPS Dispatch Center, which immediately makes a decision on the necessary activities depending on the threat degree. Benish GPS Dispatch Center works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on weekends and holidays in order to maximize the effectiveness of BENISH GUARD security system.