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01 December


In 2016, the number of cars exceeded the amount in two-hundred per thousand Ukrainians, and this value is growing steadily. Many families already have a second and even a third car. In order to be able to safely leave the cars and go for a walk with the child in the park, shopping center for shopping or for groceries in the supermarket, you need to take care of additional protection against theft. Today, a large number of security systems are presented on the market, but Benish GPS's Benish GUARD system has been leading for 14 years.

The satellite security system Benish GUARD has not once proven its reliability, because for all the time there was not a single case of hijacking a car. At the same time, the system is doubly beneficial as Benish GPS offers its customers a discount for purchasing* every next Benish Gard. Protection of the first family car will be for the full cost of one of Benish GUARD configuration. The discount for purchasing the security system for the second car is 7%, the third is 10%. While buying the security system for the fourth and cars you will be saving up to 12%. The maximum possible amount of the benefit from the purchase can be 4800 UAH.

The satellite security system Benish GUARD has four configurations - Premium, Platinum, Elite and Ultra. The basis of each is the identification of the driver by entering a personal code or a special driver's mark, depending on the configuration. In addition, all the configurations have an individual set of functions and the best solution is selected for each class of cars. Benish GUARD configurations are installed in the official dealer centers, therefore at factory installation the manufacturer's guarantee remains.

Benish GPS is focused on its customers and provides the best conditions for the protection of cars. By installing the most popular satellite security system Benish GUARD, you will get absolute protection against theft.

*Discount are not provided for the installation and subscription of Benish GUARD system

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