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01 November


A tradition of creating autumn amulets for protecting our values has come to us from our ancestors. They had believed that amulets, pendants and garlands protect against the evil eye, theft etc. Unfortunately, nowadays it will not be enough just to hang some dried flowers for protecting property for example a car. For this purpose special security system, modern and reliable vehicle protections have been developed. Wiling to protect your Porsche in the best way, this fall Benish GPS, the National Service Provider of Vodafone Automotive in Ukraine, announces special offer for the annual service of the PCC (Porsche Car Connect) and PVTS (Porsche Vehicle Tracking System) systems.

From November 1st to November 30th of 2017 all Porsche* car owners can receive 20% discount purchasing the annual PCC and PVTS package in Ukraine. For more information about special offer, please visit our website section promotional offers.

PCC (Porsche Car Connect) and PVTS (Porsche Vehicle Tracking System)  systems  are preinstalled satellite anti-theft systems for all Porsche models from 2013 onward. The basis of the systems is the driver's authorization mark, which determines the car owner. Systems also recognize and react to such actions:

  • Auto-arming and disarming (using a driver's authorization mark);
  • Moving in guard mode;
  • Disconnecting the battery;
  • Interference in ignition;
  • Violation of the perimeter of doors, hood and trunk in guard mode;
  • Disconnecting the GPS antenna.

A distinctive feature of the PCC system is the presence of a mobile application that allows client to remotely monitor the car status and location. Additionally, with the help of application the owner has an opportunity to control some Porsche functions: blocking the central lock, set up own geofences, make an emergency call to the dispatcher, manage the modes Service, Transport and Deactivation. The application is available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store) smartphones.

PCC/PVTS systems are reliable preinstalled protection for your Porsche from any attempted theft. Don’t forget to activate the only certified Porsche protection solution in November with the special offer.

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