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01 February


Today many systems, which allow creating a unified database of personnel management, are presented on the market. Heads of the companies, based on mobile personnel, need not only to store all the data in one place, but also to make correct employment scheduling and optimize the routes. Therefore, a useful supplement to the programs will become a personal tracker or GPS monitoring system BeniFone, which helps managers to improve the discipline of staff and always be in touch with employees.

BeniFone is a complex of tracker and software, a simple and universal solution for any business. The system registers movement time, route and duration. The manager also receives information about the time when the employee has visited the planned locations (or even the fact of visiting), how much time was spent in each of them. Thus, you can check, for example, whether the merchandiser has visited all planned stores and optimize his working hours.

All information is received and processed by specialized software, where the manager can generate reports on selected parameters: analysis of movements for any period, the specified route changes, duration of time spent at the location and report on the fact of specified location visits. Due to such reports, you can optimize the operational time of each employee and improve the overall company’s indication.

The employee can either receive or make a call by the tracker, having previously memorized up to 20 numbers*. In addition, BeniFone has the ability to send a SOS-signal by pushing a button in case of any threat and the authorized person will receive information about the current location. BeniFone provides a stable and constant connection because the tracker keeps the battery charge throughout the working day, while the average smartphone "is sufficed" for 4-5 hours of active use.

The personal tracker BeniFone can completely replace the employee’s cellphone due to its wide functionality, long battery charge and the possibility of two-way communication. BeniFone usage optimizes operational time, and allows to monitor the integrity of employees and their working quality.

*The function is available after installing your own SIM-card

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